November 27, 2019

Success is what we are all mainly here for as Traders   (i hope).....and to push the boundaries of our own abilities and to certainly look at what successful traders are doing and more importantly thinking ....

anyway the Goldmeter is a simple indicator ..........and i recommend using it like a blunt instrument .....

generally is i see the violet (base Gold) siting as alpha currency above or below the zero it means gold is creaming the G8 for trend effect traders are moving to  / from gold vs the Fiat currencies..........

so if is see this happening and also that greenback is on OPPOSITE side of the zero line to gold ....i take a lot of interest and start looking to trade its move ...

the Goldmeter is available free on the Links page so take a look 


November 27, 2019

interesting week so far :- 

Red GBP went off like a rocket monday  .....I hope traders took their fill 

Yen is the solid sell so far for first 2-3 days action

Rest of currencies are passengers is so often the case ....remember GBP and Yen are the fireballs of the G8 .....if you like your action slooow and boring then avoid them both in pairs ...and avoid CAD as well if you really want to snooze till you lose ........the remaining G5 will be boring to trade but may save you some sleepless nights ! 

November 22, 2019

hey gang..........sorry about lack of posts ....been tied up on other projects actually co-writing a book at the moment and its not all to do with trading ......very interesting project ....but my co writer is now meeting the dreaded beast within me called "im bored and this is too much like hard work - can i go trade now please ? "

anyway shes seen all this before with some other projects so handling it well ...should get first draft out in next week then back to trading normality


if i had to talk trading and physically trade  all the time i would go raving mad i also consult on business and also financial planning and reporting (FBP) and am working with some very interesting clients at moment across a range of industries ........

November 19, 2019

13:30 UK time 

nice day in market so far ...........amazing bull push on AUD and NZD has skewed the tribal plays though ......they have gone to around +30 pips so far each from 6am ....not my go to currencies for london session so had me in a quandary at times

These guys do stick generally when in play ....especially AUD as a solid mover ....I like EURAUD at times like these ....try to add a little more spice than the boring AUDUSD pairing hoping Euro is going to eclipse the volatility of USD ....

dont get me wrong - GBP been out to -30 pips at times so a few scalps there for the cable followers .....and if you have the Balls the GBPAUD has been a dream play in hindsight ..........

anyway lets see what US session brings ........USD is flat as pancake so cant get any worse ......and perhaps the A...

November 18, 2019

heres a quick recap of today ..i was a little more active this morning but got sidetracked this afternoon


all money going into RED GBP and Flowing out of YELLOW Yen in London morning session ...good luck trading any other pair without those in were trading wrong horses

bit of a kick at around 1.20 UK time ......and since that blip its pretty Slooooooooooooow...GBP still falling off its earlier highs but expect it to kick in perhaps its still Bull for the 2 sessions

have a good one

November 14, 2019

8:25 UK time

this morning has been interesting so far 

europeans going well from 6am UK time  ...then gbp came off the pace so been waiting for it to come back into bull mode 

picked up cable from high 2820s up to 2840s so far .....easy meat on a great pattern resumption (tribal Bull Europeans)

November 12, 2019

for me i never think about Forex pairs behavior  ......thats too complicated to fathom .....I think about Single currency behaviour (Indexes)..........that drives everything for the 7 pairs any G8 currency is part of ...

heres all 8 ....use whatever you need ......remember they are all independent so cannot be scaled togeher if overlaid on same chart .....just patterns and shape and trends

Link to Indexes 

so pick a currency and look at its behavior using standard PA and whatever else indicator suits .........once you understand what a currency is doing just follow its signals and add whatever secondary currency works best .....

trading pairs is like putting the cart before the horse  - well in my books anyway

heres an example ......GBP is a big player in the G8 as we all know ........

November 11, 2019

heres an extract from an interesting conversation i am having with another trader at T2win - do not imagine i am disrepecting my own thread here - as it has a wealth of knowledge and advice for traders new to Forex and relative strength - so read it from day 1 if you want to learn - however if you are and expert Trader in your field as FiboTrader is ..i'm merely trying to save him some time


hey FT

Dont waste your valuable time on the Big correlation thread (unless you really want to) ...someone of your talents will learn little

It grew and grew into a beast as i continued to refine certain areas and test new boundaries ......I also met many fine traders and programmers along the way and they helped me create many derivatives of the humble core FXCorrelator model (that regrettably will never...

November 11, 2019

In looking at some old goldmeter indicator stuff i found this 2015 link to when i actually published some of my daily live performance at the time

To all scalpers and traderrs whatever I hope this proves it can be done if you work hard and find something that works for you

2015 Live performance posts


November 11, 2019

10:10   ish .....UK time

ok interesting start to week

yen and usd tag team are selling well so far .....loving it

bloody europeans wont come north...........its the NZD , AUD show so far .....excellent tribal patterns

so im scalping NZDUSD wierdly so far ....not even Cad has stepped up to buy .....normally a great play when most europeans are are sticking to yen usd direction

NU 6350s to mid 65's so far .....

im watching Cable though ....GBP has sprung more bull than bear so far today so willing to hammer it again if offered bloody 2791 bear spike south toooo fast to buy back into so its 2800 now ......watching


cable to 2890s .....thank you thank you thank you trading gods .....that was a nice surprise for a monday session

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