November 11, 2019

heres an extract from an interesting conversation i am having with another trader at T2win - do not imagine i am disrepecting my own thread here - as it has a wealth of knowledge and advice for traders new to Forex and relative strength - so read it from day 1 if you want to learn - however if you are and expert Trader in your field as FiboTrader is ..i'm merely trying to save him some time


hey FT

Dont waste your valuable time on the Big correlation thread (unless you really want to) ...someone of your talents will learn little

It grew and grew into a beast as i continued to refine certain areas and test new boundaries ......I also met many fine traders and programmers along the way and they helped me create many derivatives of the humble core FXCorrelator model (that regrettably will never...

November 11, 2019

In looking at some old goldmeter indicator stuff i found this 2015 link to when i actually published some of my daily live performance at the time

To all scalpers and traderrs whatever I hope this proves it can be done if you work hard and find something that works for you

2015 Live performance posts


November 11, 2019

10:10   ish .....UK time

ok interesting start to week

yen and usd tag team are selling well so far .....loving it

bloody europeans wont come north...........its the NZD , AUD show so far .....excellent tribal patterns

so im scalping NZDUSD wierdly so far ....not even Cad has stepped up to buy .....normally a great play when most europeans are are sticking to yen usd direction

NU 6350s to mid 65's so far .....

im watching Cable though ....GBP has sprung more bull than bear so far today so willing to hammer it again if offered bloody 2791 bear spike south toooo fast to buy back into so its 2800 now ......watching


cable to 2890s .....thank you thank you thank you trading gods .....that was a nice surprise for a monday session

November 8, 2019

hey all

A good week for buying USD ....the greenback been solid every day from money ...made positive gains Daily so far ...thats 4 from 4 ......quite rare in fact (hint !!!)

anyway great times to buy USD in all its pairs ......and also to sell Gold/USD as well ......clearly when USD is strong it will force the price of Gold (in dollars) South - unless Raw Gold index is booming as well to offset the negativity

in my goldmeter index below you can see it got boomed hard this week ......the goldmeter is available in the links page on this website


November 6, 2019


slow start today so far ....yen is liveliest and gbp dead as doornail so far

back later

November 4, 2019

hey all 

slow start to week so far ..........nothing much moving outside +/- 10 pips yet from 6am so im pretty light so far 

USD bull alongside GBP ....interesting mix that 

ive had one scalp out of EU so far selling under that long range on 1min from 1165 down to 1150 

.....havnt been back in yet ......

Yen selling as well so no opps on EJ as yet 


November 1, 2019

hey all 

for the week we see a weak broen CAD off of earlier weeks sentiments....nearly 200 pips down at times 

Green USD fairing badly as well of FOMCs ...we will see what NFPs do today later .....70 pips south so far 

Red GBP done ok so far....100 pips up in the  week at times  

today its pretty tight so far .....Cads strong .....GBP is ranging ....euro is now falling ....but in truth market is still till pretty tight rangewise since 6am start i stay on sidelines 

remember watch the big trenders / players in the week (GBP Bull / CAD Bear) ...Friday is notorious for traders taking profits 


October 30, 2019


hey all 

slow morning so far from 6am london ..........nothing much really moving .....solid sell signals on yen and USD so im playing CABLE buys .....above 2870s......hardly a pip fest though so far to 2882

euro looking stronger now so on EU and EJ as well looking for opps 


cable fallen back ....just had 1 scalp buy for 5 pips since lasr post .....neutral range at moment 


Good Moaning NVP - Purely as a matter of interest, I've been watching Cable on the correlator this morning and I was thinking that on the basis of the apparent continuing weakness after the 09h00 numbers and that the $ seems to be turning up (on the 5min) that it might be worth a sell. I've got no intention of doing anything myself as it's a non-trading day for me but I was just curious as to how you're approaching it to...

October 25, 2019

heres the G8 Forex week so far ......ive used a 50ma FXCorrelator to smooth things a little.....alongside my upper fixed chart starting at Zero from monday opens........

10/10 for those buying CAD and NZD into GBP and the more solid bear CHF.......

+/- 100 pips is pretty lightweight in truth for weekly trends.....1 day left but always be wary of traders taking profits off any decent moves in week the alpha currencies may be seen to reverse their trends in the week on a friday  (I rarely hold a trade over a weekend)

GBP offered best swing of the week from bull to bear from those mondays highs surprises for its volatility given the ongoing farce of Brexit 


October 25, 2019


scrappy london morning so far .....not much breaching of +/- 10 pips area from 6am..... so its hard to get a lot of pips running as yet ......ive mindlessly chased Cable as is my achilles heel and as you can see red GBP is rollercoastering as usual ....

taken 1 cable bull scalp in 2850s for a handful and a nice sell in 2850's as well for a decent scalp haul to 2830s.....dont ask....... its a risky strategy in truth with on the face of it no concept of market structure .......but i do have some pretty good trigger systems that sit off of my core fxcorrelator directional work so I'm probably a lot more ok than it seems .....

so far technically i would not have let any inexperienced scalpers trade at all as its too slow .......

when GBP goes it really goes..... so im more allowable of the reve...

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